Captain's (b)Log: Brewdate 11.14.23

Hawaiian Pizza, is what's brewing!

What's brewing?! One of our most popular offerings, Hawaiian Pizza, is what's brewing!

Hawaiian Pizza is a beer that we launched many years ago to highlight one of our favorite hops - Mosaic. Mosaic, which was released from the HBC, or Hop Breeding Company, back in 2012 and is the daughter of an all time classic IPA hop Simcoe crossed with a male plant derived from another IPA classic Nugget. Since its release and still today it is considered one of the top hops for craft. So much so, its been given the status of a "cheater hop" (since it always performs so well). The signature, main aromatic we get from Mosaic is pineapple with some lovely citrus, blueberry, stone and tropical fruit as well.

We've paired the Mosaic with Simcoe (a family reunion!) and Citra. This combination is often referred to, in the biz, as "the trifecta" because they work so well together. And we couldn't agree more. Flavors and aromas of pineapple, bright citrus, passionfruit, peach, and pine all beautifully integrated and highly complimentary.

Water chemistry on this brew is similar to our house Rockaway IPA with low calcium, low sulfate, and high chloride giving this beer a fuller mouthfeel and accentuating the bready, malty backbone. Speaking of malty malts, this beer is another pilsner based IPA with 14% pale wheat malt and 14% flaked oats for lower color (longer shelf life) and higher protein for increased mouthfeel and haze stabilization.

We ferment this with our house hazy yeast strain which produces those beautiful esters, especially apricot!, is haze positive, and finishes a little on the high end, leaving a touch of residual sweetness.

Put it all together and we've got ourselves a slice of Hawaiian Pizza (pineapples and light bready crust) heaven in a glass!